A Day in the Life of an Au Pair Host Family

Au pair host family lifestyle

Being an au pair host family can be both rewarding and challenging. It involves welcoming a young person from another country into your home to help with childcare and household chores. In this article, we will take a look at what a typical day in the life of an au pair host family might look like.

Morning Routine

Typically, the day starts early for the au pair host family. The parents might have to get ready for work, while the children are getting ready for school. The au pair will help with breakfast, pack lunches, and maybe drop the kids off at school or daycare.

Childcare Duties

During the day, the au pair will be responsible for looking after the children. This might involve playing games, helping with homework, preparing meals, and taking them to activities or appointments. It’s important for the au pair to be engaged and attentive to the children’s needs.

Household Chores

Aside from childcare duties, the au pair is usually expected to help with light household chores. This might include laundry, cleaning, and meal preparation. It’s a good idea for the host family to provide a list of specific tasks and expectations to avoid any misunderstandings.

Evening Routine

After a busy day, the au pair host family will come together for dinner. It’s a great opportunity to catch up and bond as a family. The au pair might also help with bath time and bedtime routines for the children.

Free Time

Once the children are in bed, the au pair will have some free time to relax and recharge. This is a good time for the host family to discuss any upcoming schedules or issues, and for the au pair to have some personal time to socialize or explore the local area.


Being an au pair host family can be a fulfilling experience, but it also requires clear communication, mutual respect, and understanding. By working together as a team, both the host family and the au pair can create a positive and enriching environment for everyone involved.